We scan the products in 3D. The accuracy depends on the product requirements.
Easy scans can be carried out mechanically. Higher-accuracy scans are made using infrared techniques.
The best feasible accuracy for scanning is 6µm. The scan file is the basis for modelling the model. The high accuracy is retained after modelling.
The file can be used for insert-moulding or for moulding a second layer of plastic around a plastic or metal part.
This technology can also be used for spare parts, if there are no computer files anymore.

The files are fully editable and can be the basis for designing, prototyping, mould construction etc.
We have decided to do the modelling ourselves after scanning. The files we generate are easier to edit and give us better control of split lines etc., making it easier to change the model afterwards in accordance with the customer’s wishes. There are almost no limits.